Wrap Magazine


I recently won a twitter competition for Wrap magazine, and excitedly waited for my prize to arrive. When it did I pretty much squeaked with delight, Wrap magazine is a real joy to look at, properly divine eye candy and I couldn’t get enough of it.



My copy of wrap came specially numbered and with this great personal message inside of it. It made me smile quite a lot. I’m leaving the message pinned to the front of the magazine as it makes it special. 🙂


Wrap magazine has some gorgeously unique text arrangements. I can only imagine how long it took to arrange text into the shape of a bear and various other delicate creatures.


There’s also a great illustrated story of a day in the life of an illustrator which is certainly worth a read.


Wrap magazine is dual purpose, as well as being a gorgeous high class illustration magazine that you can take pleasure and time in digesting with your eyes, once you’re done with it you can then use it to wrap presents in as one side of each of the A2 pages is covered in a full page illustration, which are all stunningly beautiful. I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to use Wrap for wrapping paper though, I don’t think any of my friends would appreciate it enough! But I may consider using some of the illustrations to make book covers. They’re certainly stunning enough to be preserved.




The illustrations within Wrap really are great, and the sheer scale of them makes it even more majestic to take in. Here are some of my favourites. At the very back of the magazine there’s a page of pull out postcards that show each of the illustrations within at a smaller scale, so you have two chances to send them out for other people to enjoy, or I suppose if you do use the magazine as wrapping paper you can keep the postcards as reminders of the gorgeous artwork that was within.