Zines for Tatty Divine

On twitter a month or so ago I spotted a call for women zine makers to submit work for an exhibition in London. Being as I’m both a woman and have dabbled with zines before I decided that this might very well be worth me having a hand in and so have dug around to find copies of my old zines and created a new one with my illustration work specially to send down.

The first of the zines that I’m sending down is Survival Guide, which was created as a mock issue for part of my third year uni work. The idea was that students would work together to create each individual issue which would then be distributed in pop up shops around the country.

The second zine is an old one for me, something that I created in the middle of my second year to address the feeling of hatred. The hatred I chose to show was my hate of being a member of staff at KFC and all the horrible people that I’d had to serve (I’m so glad I don’t work there any more!) The zine was actually bound in KFC brown bags after I’d sampled a variety of different pieces of packaging to see which one worked best. The illustrations inside were really stress relieving to work on.

The third and final zine is a compilation of some of the illustration work that I’ve created over the past 2 years. There’s no real theme here like with the other two, I just wanted to get as much of my work down into this exhibition as I could. I got a colour copy done as well to keep myself and take to interviews as a quick sample of what I’m capable of doing.





If you’re interested in visiting the Tatty Devine Girls & Zines event starts on the 3rd of August. I’ll be trying to make it down if I can. 🙂




Illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine

Recently I’ve been working on a lot of illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine which have been an immense amount of fun, if sometimes a little tricky! Having such a short deadline for a lot of these pieces has been a great challenge, and really caused me to have to stop and think about what I’m doing.


I’ve not had chance to upload a lot of these yet, obviously if you follow Amelia on twitter or are on my Facebook friends list you will have seen a lot of them anyway, but here’s a compilation of most of the images I’ve worked on over the past few months.



To read the articles that these illustrations have been used for click here.

Card Project Part 1: Hearts

I recently decide that I’d like to design my own deck of cards (not for anything particularly deep but just because I thought they’d look nice!). These cards will all be created in a cutesy style with each of the suites having a different theme and colour scheme to it.


I’ve started on the Hearts, having given them a theme of love and a colour scheme of red and pinks. It’s been quite a fun challenge to work with a limited colour palette.



Eventually I’d like to get these done as an actual deck of cards as well as postcards and posters. But first I have another 60 cards to finish!

Two Little Girls

My greatest apologies for the lack of updates, but somewhere within all the designing, job applying, illustrating and general day to day life I seem to have forgotten to squeeze a few updates in every now and then!


The illustration above was a test to see how well Letraset Tria marker’s work as fineliners, as I’m sick of buying fineliners and finding that I’ve worn the nibs off them within a month or two so that they create nasty and uneven lines. It frustrates me because I know the pens are still packed with ink, I just can’t get to it anymore. My verdict was that Tria’s aren’t QUITE as good to line with in the fact that they seem to bleed a fair bit when colour is applied on top of them but that this problem is easy to deal with and should hopefully mean I just need to purchase a few replacement tips and cartridges rather than have a pencil case full of dud fineliners.


As I’ve yet to find full time employment that starts straight away I’ve been trying to occupy myself with as many little projects as I can for the time being. I’m doing some freelance logo design for a friend, have pitched to do this year’s rebrand on Oxjam (which I’m waiting to hear back about, I’ll post my pitch here if I don’t get picked as I love it and will most likely develop it further anyway) and am working on a variety of personal projects as well.


Within the next month I’m hoping to have enough prints, badges and stickers to set up an Etsy store. I’m considering trying my hand at hardback book binding as well to create some custom sketchpads with my work on the cover, but I’ll need to test this out with some much cheaper materials to begin with as it’s been a fair while since I did any binding. I have lots of want to do things, but lack of money is really holding me back at the moment (quite sadly).


I will be visiting my family and friends back in Stoke next week, before heading to Birmingham on the Sunday and Monday to help Inkygoodness out with an exhibition, which I am hugely nervous and excited about. If I’m allowed to (I still need to ask) I will be taking plenty of images while I’m there. Once I get back I should hopefully be working as a Graphic Designer for an up and coming business magazine in Nottingham which I’ve already designed the logo for. It mean’s 2 hours worth of trains and an hours bus ride a day, but I’m looking forward to it as it gets me out of the house and actually doing some design work for money!


I’m now selling some of my art on society6, so if you fancy buying anything my shop can be found here . I’ve only got a slow upload speed in my flat, so check back regularly for more updates!



Ganguro girls and Western influences



I’ve been playing around with the Tria markers that I bought last week (they were 60% off and I already get a lifetime 10% off at Letraset so I actually got almost 70% off! £80 worth of markers for £24ish!)


These images are all part of my dissertation on Japanese street fashion, which I hope to redesign and publish soon.

First off here’s a cyber goth. Her dreadlocks were really fun to draw.

This cute girl is wearing clothing from Tokyo Royale, a Japanese fashion inspired clothing store located in Afflecks Palace in Manchester.

Lastly here’s a portrait of a ganguro (white face) girl in all her strange glory. This was the funnest of the three images to draw but strangely the one I’m least happy with.


I have about 20 more images left to illustrate for my dissertation, but for now I’m off to start a new Amelia’s Magazine piece. If you like what you read and see in my blog please subscribe, I like knowing I’m not just rambling to myself 🙂



My Newest Gadget

I recently purchased a light box after realising that now that uni is over I’ll no longer have access to the ones that they have. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of getting one for quite a while (when I was in college I used to use two piles of books, a lamp and a glass cutting board, ha ha) but it was only after getting loads of “Go on, you should get on they’re awesome!”s on Twitter that I actually gave in and bought one.

The lightbox I picked up in the end is smaller than I was originally going to get. I’ve been wooed by the huge A2 ones that educational institutes always seem to have and so had got it into my head that I needed something of a similar size. In the end I settled for a slimline A4 model though, something which made more sense as it’ll fit in my laptop bag and I don’t currently have a desk to use a bulkier light box on at the moment.

I’m looking to start a new project for myself soon, using my dissertation as a starting point. As some of you guys may know, my dissertation was about Japanese street fashion,  a subject that’s always interested me (I have my own Gothic Lolita shoes!) and I got the marks back for it a month or so ag0, which equated to a first. I found that I still had quite a bit that I wanted to say that had to be cut out of my final piece however, and so would quite like to add more into it and design an illustrated version to get printed and up for sale on sites such as lulu.com and amazon, so that other people who have an interest in Japanese fashion have another reference point to use.

To colour this piece I placed an additional layer of layout paper over the lineart and used marker pens to roughly mark out the bright colours of the Harajuku girls skirts and legs. I then placed the two images together in photoshop.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this has worked out and the light box was certainly worth the investment- it saved me the time of cleaning off my sketch which usually takes me quite a while. I’ll be dabbling with this style a lot more now I think!

Belle Character Design (part 1)

I’m currently working on some character designs for the Waterstones illustration competition to help keep myself busy now that uni is over and until I’ve managed to find myself a full time job (hopefully a design one)

I’ve opted to colour these digitally as its something that I’m not hugely familiar with at the moment having only really started this year. I’ve tried to stay as far away from the Disney characters as I could without getting silly as well, which was surprisingly hard!

Here’s my basic design for Belle, I tried to keep the designs and the colour pretty simple and I’m quite pleased with the results. Hope you guys like them too!