Belle Character Design (part 1)

I’m currently working on some character designs for the Waterstones illustration competition to help keep myself busy now that uni is over and until I’ve managed to find myself a full time job (hopefully a design one)

I’ve opted to colour these digitally as its something that I’m not hugely familiar with at the moment having only really started this year. I’ve tried to stay as far away from the Disney characters as I could without getting silly as well, which was surprisingly hard!

Here’s my basic design for Belle, I tried to keep the designs and the colour pretty simple and I’m quite pleased with the results. Hope you guys like them too!


Shoreditch Mermaid

An illustration I created as part of a competition entry. It’s to be used on the front of a tshirt to promote a London based festival. One of the restraints of the brief was that only two colours could be used and it was actually quite fun having such restraints. I just wish I’d been able to create the finished piece with screen prints as it looks like it would reproduce really well- I can only hope that I win the competition! I’ll post details of how to vote for me once it goes live in a few days. 🙂

A Different Use For Wallpaper

Today I felt like a bit of a thief as I pottered around B&Q on my way home. I wasn’t popping pots of paint into my pocket or sneaking power tools into my bag, but I was collecting wallpaper samples with the intention of using them for something other than wallpapering. I had to stop after I’d picked up 43 different papers when my other half started laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes.

So why the wallpaper? I’m working on some illustrations for a competition- they’re to be used on the front of Mother’s day cards.  To give these illustrations a much softer look I decided that I’d colour them using paper samples and textures instead of my usual Photoshop or marker pen colouring.

Here are the images that I’ve completed so far. I’m quite happy with them and they were pretty easy to work with, but I’d like to push myself further with the next set that I do.

And here is the third image which I am working on at the moment.

Oh, and just as a little side note at the moment as I can’t really post a whole blog post about it- my Strength campaign for Fedrigoni papers which I entered into the YCN Student awards was commended today. You can find my work for this project here.Which means I have a nice awards ceremony to visit in a few months! I’m chuffed to bits and really excited as I’d pretty much given up on winning any of the student awards that I had entered.

Sketchbook Drawings Part 1

I have a sketchbook that I always take around with me wherever I go. I like to have it with me that much that I actually have to pick new bags out so that they will fit it and some drawing materials in rather than just the usually phone and purse. This sketchbook gets used for everything from the weekly shopping list to roughs for book layout and obviously for a lot of illustrations as well.

Here are some of the illustrations I’ve been working on since having finished with uni (forever!) I’ll try and keep updating with the stuff that’s hidden away in my little sketchbook as often as it seems there’s enough worth posting.