Wrap Magazine


I recently won a twitter competition for Wrap magazine, and excitedly waited for my prize to arrive. When it did I pretty much squeaked with delight, Wrap magazine is a real joy to look at, properly divine eye candy and I couldn’t get enough of it.



My copy of wrap came specially numbered and with this great personal message inside of it. It made me smile quite a lot. I’m leaving the message pinned to the front of the magazine as it makes it special. 🙂


Wrap magazine has some gorgeously unique text arrangements. I can only imagine how long it took to arrange text into the shape of a bear and various other delicate creatures.


There’s also a great illustrated story of a day in the life of an illustrator which is certainly worth a read.


Wrap magazine is dual purpose, as well as being a gorgeous high class illustration magazine that you can take pleasure and time in digesting with your eyes, once you’re done with it you can then use it to wrap presents in as one side of each of the A2 pages is covered in a full page illustration, which are all stunningly beautiful. I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to use Wrap for wrapping paper though, I don’t think any of my friends would appreciate it enough! But I may consider using some of the illustrations to make book covers. They’re certainly stunning enough to be preserved.




The illustrations within Wrap really are great, and the sheer scale of them makes it even more majestic to take in. Here are some of my favourites. At the very back of the magazine there’s a page of pull out postcards that show each of the illustrations within at a smaller scale, so you have two chances to send them out for other people to enjoy, or I suppose if you do use the magazine as wrapping paper you can keep the postcards as reminders of the gorgeous artwork that was within.



Zines for Tatty Divine

On twitter a month or so ago I spotted a call for women zine makers to submit work for an exhibition in London. Being as I’m both a woman and have dabbled with zines before I decided that this might very well be worth me having a hand in and so have dug around to find copies of my old zines and created a new one with my illustration work specially to send down.

The first of the zines that I’m sending down is Survival Guide, which was created as a mock issue for part of my third year uni work. The idea was that students would work together to create each individual issue which would then be distributed in pop up shops around the country.

The second zine is an old one for me, something that I created in the middle of my second year to address the feeling of hatred. The hatred I chose to show was my hate of being a member of staff at KFC and all the horrible people that I’d had to serve (I’m so glad I don’t work there any more!) The zine was actually bound in KFC brown bags after I’d sampled a variety of different pieces of packaging to see which one worked best. The illustrations inside were really stress relieving to work on.

The third and final zine is a compilation of some of the illustration work that I’ve created over the past 2 years. There’s no real theme here like with the other two, I just wanted to get as much of my work down into this exhibition as I could. I got a colour copy done as well to keep myself and take to interviews as a quick sample of what I’m capable of doing.





If you’re interested in visiting the Tatty Devine Girls & Zines event starts on the 3rd of August. I’ll be trying to make it down if I can. 🙂



Letter From YCN

As I mentioned a few posts back, I recently found out that I’d been commended for my YCN entry into the Fedrigoni brief. I’ve been watching my post like a hawk for the past few days and today I received this beauty. I had to photograph the envelop before I’d even opened it as I knew I’d end up damaging it and it was too pretty not to get a record of.

Fedrigoni don’t give hugely detailed feedback, but it had me grinning after the horrible grilling that I got from the ISTD for my entry this year. I can’t wait to head down to London for the awards ceremony, I’m thinking of making a short holiday out of it with Mat and filling the time gallery hopping.

Promotional Book

As part of our degree show this year we all had to create a book to showcase some of the work that we have created and to talk about ourselves a little.  I chose to focus on the fact that I am a very visual designer as I do a lot of illustration and photography, and also that the end result isn’t the entirety of what we do,  the failures and the ideas are just as much an important part and they’re not something that we often get to show to people.

Originally the book that I created just had a blank cover with some text, but due to an unfortunate problem with a fellow classmate’s work looking too similar for comfort I decided to make a handmade cover which featured some of my illustration. Here’s some shots of the cover, which I finished last night.

And a closer shot of the actual artwork:

The book is currently on display at our degree show, Show Elleven. If you’re in the Lincoln area you should pop in.

Setting Up For Show Elleven

I feel really bad for having neglected my blog for so long, but so much has been happening that I just haven’t found the time to do any blogging past the 140 characters of microblogging that Twitter offers.

University is now almost at an end now, third year did go just as fast as Barrie said it would and its almost terrifying to think that for now at least I’m pretty much done with education.

I won’t waste peoples time by posting loads of entries about all the work that I’ve done in the past year, as you can view my website for that curlyc.co.uk in case you’ve not yet visited, but I will be using this blog now as a way of keeping people up to date with general life, and work that I am doing right now.

Anyway, on with current life and we’ve spent the last month getting work ready for hand in and putting together our degree show. This has proved to be a challenging but hugely rewarding task which has kept a fair few of us in the studio all day painting, hanging work and even picking blutack off all the walls of a room (that was  a fairly tedious task!)

The theme of the show for this year has been sounds, as we may be quite a small year group but we sure as hell make a lot of noise (both physically and with the way we create our work). To fit with this theme we all had to choose a sound effect that we felt reflected ourselves in some way and create a design based around that sound. I chose kiri-kiri which is a Japanese sound effect used for the sound of pens scratching on paper, something that I felt reflected quite a lot on the way that I work while doing my illustrations.

Show Elleven is going to be a much more open plan and area focused show than has been created in Lincoln before. Gone are the days of everyone having their own board to do what they want to with and instead everyone had to submit their two favourite pieces of work to a committee to be vetted for the show. I managed to get both of the pieces of work that I submitted in, the first being my ISTD Flatland book and the second being some large format illustration.

The work featured within Show Elleven is hugely varied and these photos don’t do it justice (especially as we’d yet to hoover up at this point). I’d urge everyone who’s gonna be near Lincoln between the 6th and the 17th of June to pop in and have a browse, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the Show Elleven website for more details.

Here’s a sneak peak of the illustration that I have featured. Again, the images don’t do it justice and the large image of the geisha’s is the original and is a tactile piece. Having not worked that large since my college life drawing lessons it was a nice change.

Look forward to lots more updates now I get back into the swing of things. I’ll be off to Wisby Nature Park at some point this week to shoot an entry into a photography competition.