Illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine 2

As I have mentioned before, I do a lot of illustration for the lovely Amelia’s magazine. I really enjoy the huge amount of variety that I get to create with the articles that I am set, from shoes to bears, dresses to bands. Here is my latest selection of published illustrations.

Gazelle Twin by Claire Kearns.jpg

Kidnap Alice by Claire Kearns.jpg

Lazy Clockwork Animals by Claire Kearns.jpg

Max Kibardin Shoes by Claire Kearns.jpg

Polly and the Billets Doux by Claire Kearns.jpg

Serena Dagmar Dress by Claire Kearns.jpg

Stefania Dagmar Dress by Claire Kearns.jpg

The Magic Lantern by Claire Kearns.jpg

To read the articles that these illustrations have been used for click here.


Illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine

Recently I’ve been working on a lot of illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine¬†which have been an immense amount of fun, if sometimes a little tricky! Having such a short deadline for a lot of these pieces has been a great challenge, and really caused me to have to stop and think about what I’m doing.


I’ve not had chance to upload a lot of these yet, obviously if you follow Amelia on twitter or are on my Facebook friends list you will have seen a lot of them anyway, but here’s a compilation of most of the images I’ve worked on over the past few months.



To read the articles that these illustrations have been used for click here.

Central Saint Martains Fashion Illustration

These are the first two illustrations that I created for Amelia’s magazines. The original article can be found here. Illustrations are created with a black ballpoint pen on top of a layer of masking tape. Working with biro again was rather strange as I’ve not even really used them to write for years, but it turned out brilliantly.

And now I’m going to get back to coming up with a new look for the characters of Beauty and the Beast for a Waterstones run competition. Its harder than you’d think to stay away from the Disney stereotypes we’ve all grown up with!

Amelia’s Illustration Teaser 1

Recently I’ve started submitting illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine which has been brilliant as its helped me to challenge myself with some of the stuff that I’ve been drawing. Here are some teasers of the images I’m currently waiting to go live on the website, when they’re up I’ll post the full versions.