Adventure in an Abandoned Garage

So since having moved house a month or so ago I’ve passed this garage and petrol station every time that I’ve got the bus into Lincoln and have been itching to photograph it. I have a huge interest in abandoned buildings and have spent quite a while looking at some great shots from all over the world online so it was great to be able to take some of my own.



We were really fortunate that someone had taken one of the panes of glass out of the windows to get into the garage, meaning we could get in to photograph the inside of it as well as the outside.



These lights were just hidden under a loose piece of flooring. It seemed really strange that someone had gone to the trouble of removing them but not getting rid, as though they were hiding them to come back and claim.



As well as the garage there was also a little independent petrol station and shop, but unfortunately there was no way to get into the building and as I wanted to capture the decay and destruction that had already occurred and not add to it myself I wasn’t prepared to break my way in.

I would love if someone could let me know what these strange plantlike tendrils hanging down were caused by, they’re extremely eerie.


The next place I have my eye on to photograph is a derelict barn in Dunholme. As it’s a little further from home it’ll have to be quite well planned, but its another one I have an urge to get off the bus and see every time I drive past it.


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