Two Little Girls

My greatest apologies for the lack of updates, but somewhere within all the designing, job applying, illustrating and general day to day life I seem to have forgotten to squeeze a few updates in every now and then!


The illustration above was a test to see how well Letraset Tria marker’s work as fineliners, as I’m sick of buying fineliners and finding that I’ve worn the nibs off them within a month or two so that they create nasty and uneven lines. It frustrates me because I know the pens are still packed with ink, I just can’t get to it anymore. My verdict was that Tria’s aren’t QUITE as good to line with in the fact that they seem to bleed a fair bit when colour is applied on top of them but that this problem is easy to deal with and should hopefully mean I just need to purchase a few replacement tips and cartridges rather than have a pencil case full of dud fineliners.


As I’ve yet to find full time employment that starts straight away I’ve been trying to occupy myself with as many little projects as I can for the time being. I’m doing some freelance logo design for a friend, have pitched to do this year’s rebrand on Oxjam (which I’m waiting to hear back about, I’ll post my pitch here if I don’t get picked as I love it and will most likely develop it further anyway) and am working on a variety of personal projects as well.


Within the next month I’m hoping to have enough prints, badges and stickers to set up an Etsy store. I’m considering trying my hand at hardback book binding as well to create some custom sketchpads with my work on the cover, but I’ll need to test this out with some much cheaper materials to begin with as it’s been a fair while since I did any binding. I have lots of want to do things, but lack of money is really holding me back at the moment (quite sadly).


I will be visiting my family and friends back in Stoke next week, before heading to Birmingham on the Sunday and Monday to help Inkygoodness out with an exhibition, which I am hugely nervous and excited about. If I’m allowed to (I still need to ask) I will be taking plenty of images while I’m there. Once I get back I should hopefully be working as a Graphic Designer for an up and coming business magazine in Nottingham which I’ve already designed the logo for. It mean’s 2 hours worth of trains and an hours bus ride a day, but I’m looking forward to it as it gets me out of the house and actually doing some design work for money!


I’m now selling some of my art on society6, so if you fancy buying anything my shop can be found here . I’ve only got a slow upload speed in my flat, so check back regularly for more updates!




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