Ganguro girls and Western influences



I’ve been playing around with the Tria markers that I bought last week (they were 60% off and I already get a lifetime 10% off at Letraset so I actually got almost 70% off! £80 worth of markers for £24ish!)


These images are all part of my dissertation on Japanese street fashion, which I hope to redesign and publish soon.

First off here’s a cyber goth. Her dreadlocks were really fun to draw.

This cute girl is wearing clothing from Tokyo Royale, a Japanese fashion inspired clothing store located in Afflecks Palace in Manchester.

Lastly here’s a portrait of a ganguro (white face) girl in all her strange glory. This was the funnest of the three images to draw but strangely the one I’m least happy with.


I have about 20 more images left to illustrate for my dissertation, but for now I’m off to start a new Amelia’s Magazine piece. If you like what you read and see in my blog please subscribe, I like knowing I’m not just rambling to myself 🙂




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