My Newest Gadget

I recently purchased a light box after realising that now that uni is over I’ll no longer have access to the ones that they have. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of getting one for quite a while (when I was in college I used to use two piles of books, a lamp and a glass cutting board, ha ha) but it was only after getting loads of “Go on, you should get on they’re awesome!”s on Twitter that I actually gave in and bought one.

The lightbox I picked up in the end is smaller than I was originally going to get. I’ve been wooed by the huge A2 ones that educational institutes always seem to have and so had got it into my head that I needed something of a similar size. In the end I settled for a slimline A4 model though, something which made more sense as it’ll fit in my laptop bag and I don’t currently have a desk to use a bulkier light box on at the moment.

I’m looking to start a new project for myself soon, using my dissertation as a starting point. As some of you guys may know, my dissertation was about Japanese street fashion,  a subject that’s always interested me (I have my own Gothic Lolita shoes!) and I got the marks back for it a month or so ag0, which equated to a first. I found that I still had quite a bit that I wanted to say that had to be cut out of my final piece however, and so would quite like to add more into it and design an illustrated version to get printed and up for sale on sites such as and amazon, so that other people who have an interest in Japanese fashion have another reference point to use.

To colour this piece I placed an additional layer of layout paper over the lineart and used marker pens to roughly mark out the bright colours of the Harajuku girls skirts and legs. I then placed the two images together in photoshop.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this has worked out and the light box was certainly worth the investment- it saved me the time of cleaning off my sketch which usually takes me quite a while. I’ll be dabbling with this style a lot more now I think!


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