Lincoln Illustration Show 2011

Obviously for much of the past month or two I, like many other students across the country, have been very wrapped up in my degree show work. I have been trying to get around the rest of Lincoln’s degree show’s however even though I can’t afford to go too far afield to the ones hosted at other universities and yesterday I decided to make the hike up the hill to see the Illustration degree.

Now I have a huge soft spot for the illustration bunch having been one of them for the first semester of university before deciding that my skills would be better suited down in Graphic Design. I didn’t miss climbing up that godforsaken hill however!

First off here’s some work by the extremely talented manga artist Jade Sarson. Jade’s created some great comics including the ongoing Cafe Suada which I will be featuring in a later blog post.

These pieces by Danni Thompson are really striking with their strong use of colour.

Mitch Allenden is a fantastic illustrator and probably the only guy I’d let design a tattoo for me at the moment. His work is fantastically detailed and just a little eerie.

Joshua Jones has a fantastic ability to paint, and his book cover made me giggle just a little bit too.

Beautiful childrens book style illustration by Gareth Burgess.

This pattern by Sarah Austin would make a great wallpaper that I’m sure many of us would gladly use. Greatly eyecatching and quite different from anything else I’d seen at the show.

These characters  by Sally Townsend are so sweet and almost geometric in their appearances.

Gorgeous texture and detail in this piece by Rick Frateriggo.

A very bold style here from Angelica Howe. Myself and Mat could see her work being animated beautifully.

Some work for the YCN Glayva brief here from Emma Cadaverous.

Now I’m very fussy when it comes to greetings cards (I hate receiving most of them because they’re so ugly and look like they’be been designed for a 10 year old from the ’80’s) but these cards by Aimee Mappley are so delicate looking and cute. And who can resist that adorable bird?

As well as 2D work the illustration show featured a lot of 3D illustrations as well, including this Princess and the Pea piece by Natalie Lambert.  The fabrics used to create the multiple layers of the bed gorgeous and this piece was great fun to photograph.

Speaking of fun, me and Mat certainly had a good giggle at Rebecca Tovey‘s board with her prop moustaches and glasses. A designers dream!

These charming creatures were all knitted by the very talented Sarah Powell, a fellow joint honours student who decided to take her skills the opposite way to mine. Looks like it worked out great for her!

I was lucky enough to see these pieces by Cat Hughston before I went up to see the degree show, but they were so amazing to see in real life, the amount of detail in such a small piece of craft! Each box that these illustrations were contained within was only around the height and width of an a4 piece of paper!

Steph Yeung is another ex joint honours student that I had the honour of working with during my first year and I still have a card that she gave me featuring her miniscule delicate illustrations. Her work was so beautifully and uniquely arranged for her show as well!

These absolutely breathtaking models are by Poppy Iddon. They’re definitely a piece that you need to see in real life to truly appreciate, although they reproduce really well in photographs as well. A very Coraline feel to the whole piece.

So there you go, a whistle-stop tour to 2011’s Illustration Degree show at the University of Lincoln. I can’t stress any more that if you can you should get yourself to Lincoln, up Steep Hill and see it in real life, it’s just too good to miss out on and it’s around for the next two days.

Obviously I couldn’t feature every member of the class here (sorting out the photographs and web links for the ones I did was time consuming enough!) but you can see some work from everybody in this year’s class here.


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