Hello from Show Elleven

As I’m sure many of you already know, it’s degree show season across the UK at the moment and Lincoln is no exception. This year’s Graphic Design show is here and its LOUD!

For our business cards we were given restrictions this year- we had to create something which was based around a sound effect that we felt reflected us in some way. The vast array of work that people created for these was great- you can see how varied we’ve all become as designers.

For my own card I chose the Japanese onomatopoeia of kiri-kiri which is the sound of a pen scratching on paper, something which is always happening for me whether its illustrating, writing or mapping out ideas.

The show had a great feeling of unification, everything fits together beautifully and even the building has been painted to help showcase things and create an easy system of navigation.

  And now for the bit that everyone is waiting for, some examples of the work that are available at Show Elleven.

Firstly, some work from down in the Illustration section, which is where my first piece of work was situated.

This pretty hand drawn pattern was created by Louisa Bessalah. Link

These gorgeously detailed animals were dotted all around the studio and were painstakingly designed by Katy Bowman. Link

This little bulldog and all of his animal friends were also dotted around the studio, all of the showing off their Ted Baker watches to anyone who walked by. Alice Smith Link

The range of work and the variety of sizes all next to each other work brilliantly. Shown here in the foreground is work by Fleur Vos. Link

This bold and colourful piece to depict colour blindness types is by Emma Wilson. Link

Typographic Poster by Jake Townsend Link and fold down Metamorphosis book by Jennie Plant. Link

This extremely unique illustration/infographic depicts all the beats and pitches of different musical instruments in two songs by the Black Mages. Designed by Mathew McGinlay. Link

As well as printed work on the walls we also had a selection of 3D work throughout the show. Shown here is Hannah Rhodes monsterous Tuborg bottles. Link

These colourful bottles for Boost energy drinks were designed by Hollie Allott. Link

These gorgeous geometric books to showcase the story of Flatland were created by  Taran Uppal. Link

Hand crafted mask to showcase Fedrigoni papers. Again, created by Fleur Vos (Link above)

Extremely cutesy cutlery and a whole new font courtesy of Ben Neale. Link

This handcrafted typography was created by Matt Young, and can be seen within the pages of his book. Link

To keep on the theme of typography, here is Charlotte Middleton’s vinyl wall art. Link

These interesting screen printed posters were created by steak loving Alex Scott. Link

When I first saw this panel of Nicola Ackroyd’s scale exhibition I thought it looked like a huge pile of books. The sheer patience in this piece is amazing. Link

A crazy breakdown of text from patterns into anarchy by Ric Gravina. Link

A selection of typography work including Anna Sangha Link (foreground) and Daniel Firth. Link

Striking and bold typography by Katie Fisher. Link

These intriguing designs have been masterminded by Matt Crowe. Link

An array of covers for the Puffin and Penguin competitions of this year are also being showcased. Unfortunately we didn’t win with any of them, but there’s some stunning designs that should have gone further in the competition.

Throughout our three years at Lincoln we’ve created a lot of publications of various shapes, sizes and contents. Here are some examples of the ones which are on display at Show Elleven, although they are far from the only ones.

There’s plenty more to see at Show Elleven and you can’t get the feel for books, posters and instillation while they’re just on your screen, so if you’re in the East Midlands area and you’ve got yourself a few hours spare pop down between now and Friday 17th to see our work. More details can be found here. And as for my own work in the show? That can be found in a previous blog post here.


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