A Different Use For Wallpaper

Today I felt like a bit of a thief as I pottered around B&Q on my way home. I wasn’t popping pots of paint into my pocket or sneaking power tools into my bag, but I was collecting wallpaper samples with the intention of using them for something other than wallpapering. I had to stop after I’d picked up 43 different papers when my other half started laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes.

So why the wallpaper? I’m working on some illustrations for a competition- they’re to be used on the front of Mother’s day cards.  To give these illustrations a much softer look I decided that I’d colour them using paper samples and textures instead of my usual Photoshop or marker pen colouring.

Here are the images that I’ve completed so far. I’m quite happy with them and they were pretty easy to work with, but I’d like to push myself further with the next set that I do.

And here is the third image which I am working on at the moment.

Oh, and just as a little side note at the moment as I can’t really post a whole blog post about it- my Strength campaign for Fedrigoni papers which I entered into the YCN Student awards was commended today. You can find my work for this project here.Which means I have a nice awards ceremony to visit in a few months! I’m chuffed to bits and really excited as I’d pretty much given up on winning any of the student awards that I had entered.


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