Meet Mingo Mango

Meet Mingo Mango, my character for Imaginary Rabbits. How did I meet Mingo?

“Mingo Mango just fell on me one day. She didn’t even apologise even though her stripped panties had just been on my head, just got straight up and started twiddling the ends of her hair. She was impeccably dressed even after having fallen from the sky and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. But then she opened her mouth and I realised that at least she was only gifted in one area.”

Mingo was a fun character to work on, I did a few pages of sketches before I settled on making her quite cutesy. She was drawn with fineliner and then coloured using Photoshop, something which I am still very much trying to get used to! I may take her on further and create more artwork if I get the time to.


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